VGM Soundtracks and self-published albums can be found at Bandcamp.
Below are some examples of my work, covering various genres of music and sound design.
SFX Demo Reel - Sci Fi/Fantasy loosely inspired by Final Fantasy 6
Ominous Sci Fi Battlefield - Created for "Wrath of Kahn", TOJam 11 
Chill 90's techno/rock guitar - Created for Way of the Passive Fist by Household Games
Dark Industrial + Chiptune - Created for Way of the Passive Fist by Household Games
Modern Heavy Metal - created for the video essay "Best Gaming Moment of 2016" by Jason Canam
Retro Nintendo style Chiptune - Original theme created for the Mega Man 25th Anniversary fan-game
Horror Ambience
Menu Music - Melodic strings/Orchestral/Easy listening
Menu Music - Upbeat/Dance/Strings/Rock Organ
Cartoony sports music + Crowd chants
Retro Sega Genesis Funk - Inspired by Toejam and Earl
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