Demo Reel 2011

*NEW* MTV Live Presents "Bieber My Balls!" - Level Designer

Platform - PC (Browser based)
Programs Used - Flash

The producers of the tv show MTV Live enlisted Derek O'Neill, Kyle Dwyer and myself to create a game based on their 'Beiber my Balls' catchphrase that they could put on their website and promote on the show. They asked for something simple that followed in the footsteps of popular casual games like Angry Birds and Stupid Zombies. After a few meetings, we decided on a physics based puzzle game in which you play as co-host Daryn Jones and try to knock over the other hosts of the show. Kyle worked on programming and creating the framework of the game while Derek and I designed the 140 levels, splitting 70 each between us. It was launched on May 9th 2011 with a contest attached, if players could unlock hidden messages for completing the game with certain scores and tweet them to the show hosts they would be eligible for prizes. It was the first game I've worked on to be published, and having it promoted on TV was really exciting.

Big thanks goes out to Gary Hampton for contacting us and giving us a really cool opportunity! You can play the game at

The Spine - Game Designer, Writer & Team Leader

Capstone Team: Orie Falconer, Willie Frickelton, Kiel Gaiger, Simon Fraser and Derek O'Neill
Platform - PC, (Xbox 360 Kinect version planned)
Programs Used - Unity Pro and Optitrack Arena

The Spine! is a serious game developed for Fire Fighters to teach proper lifting techniques and help decrease the number of reported back injuries. You take the role of The Spine, a super hero who has the ability to lift any object, so long as he follows the correct procedure. The player wears a motion capture suit, turning their body into a full motion controller and allowing them to interact with objects in virtual space. They are presented with a series of obstacles that must be lifted out of the way to proceed and scoring is based on how closely the players body follows the optimal procedure. This was built as a prototype project for a possible Kinect game, as we did not have access to the Xbox development tools. My duties on this project were to lead a team of 6 members and keep everyone on track with their tasks, as well to ensure the vision of the project was reached. I was responsible for the creation of the Design Document, designing the gameplay mechanics, writing the game scenario and characters and creating the original level design. I also acted as the mo-cap actor frequently for testing the data streaming from Arena to Unity, as well as rotational debugging.

SpectRum! - Game Designer and Voice Actor

Platform - PC
Programs Used - GameMaker

SpectRum is a side-scrolling platformer in which you, a Frog-like Monster, collect multi-color bottles of rum to gain different vomiting abilities. Each color has a unique barfing property such as propelling you in mid air for triple jumps or covering the ground in slippery vomit that increases your speed. Levels are procedurally generated based on set pieces and scoring is based on how much distance you can cover before dying. The game was created in 24 hours as part of a UOIT Game Jam. My concept was chosen from a number of pitches and I designed the core mechanics of the game in collaboration with the rest of the team. I also decided to experiment in sound creation, writing the music and doing the voices of each character, which was a LOAD of fun! Its not every day someone asks you to make the sound of a bridge being vomited out your own mouth.

God I love this medium. :)

Oh God...NOT THE BEES! - Game Designer

Platform - PC
Programs Used - GameMaker

"Oh God...NOT THE BEES!" was another Game Jam project with programmer Simon Fraser and musician Nick Springthorpe. The game is what I describe as "Agressive Tower Defense". You control a swarm of bees with the mouse and must gather supplies for your hive, as well as fighting off intruders. Your swarm starts off small, fighting off insects and spiders, but as you gather more supplies your hive grows with you, and soon you find yourself attacking and dragging small children and bee keepers back to your hive, creating their lust for Blood Honey! This would have gone as far as the military and tanks but we ran out of time, only having 17 hours to create the game. I acted as game designer, collaboratively designing different mechanics and outlining what would become our HUD. This was another really fun project to work on, especially it being one of the first Game Jams we had held at UOIT. It was also one of the first times we had worked on something for that many hours straight, and boy... it sure hasn't been the last. I take pride in this and SpectRum being games that my fellow classmates and even some professors would come back to often.

Desktop Platformer - Game Designer & Scripter

Platform - PC
Programs Used - GameMaker

"Desktop Platformer" was an expiremntal program I started in 2009 to explore the Game Maker engine and test out different effects, which snowballed into becoming a personal project between myself and long time collaborator Derek O'Neill. The game centers around Jay Pegg, a slightly corrupted character from an unfinished video game. When a lazy developer attempts to hide his broken coding, a critical error crashes the game and knocks Jay Pegg onto the developers desktop. Using familiar computer elements in new ways like drag and drop icons, opening and closing windows, and copy/paste abilities, Jay Pegg must make his way from computer to computer to find the missing pieces of his code and restore his home before the scumbag devs can delete him! The game is still under development and in its current state I am the sole Designer/Scripter while Derek O'Neill is responsible for Art.

Spilobabee - Character Design & Modelling

Programs Used - Autodesk Maya 2009, Mudbox 2011

As part of a University project we were tasked with creating and modelling an original creature of our own design. I wanted to go for something really scary and monsterous, inspired by Resident Evil monster designs and lifting elements from different animals. Originally the torso was based on a wasp, but as I began to sculpt the high res model in Mudbox I decided it would be cooler to give it a half-shell and deformed rib cage, making it more like a mutated turtle. It was my first experience using Mudbox to sculpt models created in Maya and I had a load of fun experimenting with different brushes, tools and material effects. The name is a mash up of all the different creatures fused into its DNA, a spider, lobster and a bee. A full turntable of the model can be seen on my youtube channel.